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Resource Empowerment

Any organization is only as good as their staff, this being the case, your IT talent is the most important element of your tech environment. If you have a great team then you are headed in the right direction, however, you still need to provide them with the means to be successful and help them do their best work.

Utilizing MAS allows your people to expand their current capabilities by instantly extending their knowledge to different platforms and allowing for more agile adoption of new technology. For example, with MAS, DBAs have access to solution pacs containing pre-loaded processes and scripts for a variety of vendor platforms. This allows for greater efficiency on their own or the ability to close a knowledge gap with more junior or peripheral support team members, thus allowing them greater range to work on different projects.

Another way that MAS maximizes resources is through group notifications. For all intents and purposes, this mirrors a kind of virtual help desk ticketing system. With these easy notifications, the entire tech team or designated members can always be kept abreast of what is happening in your environment thus making the organization nimbler.

By installing MAS you’re giving your IT department a boost that will take them to the next level. They’ll immediately be capable of being able to work on more platforms with minimal need for extra training or knowledge. You no longer need to hire highly specialized resources, and you can make the most of the talent and dedicated individuals within your organization.

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