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MAS Business Use Case: Healthcare

The organization was experiencing an increased need for better performance from their Oracle Database servers. The growing cost of managing, maintaining and upgrading these underperforming and inefficiently utilized servers was putting overwhelming stress on the company’s budget as well as their ability to meet the needs of their customers. A lack of skilled IT resources compounded these problems and resulted in delayed database upgrades, poor system utilization and unnecessary expenses. The business required a HIPPA compliant solution that reduced license cost, maximized system utilization, rapidly deployed and automated Oracle Database and supported an active disaster recovery/high availability capability.

The introduction of MAS filled the technical proficiency gap, allowed increased productivity and extended the capabilities of existing IT employees. It reduced the company’s Oracle software footprint by 33%, saving over $1,000,000. Additionally, it reduced IT resource requirement by 1 FT, increased time to value for hardware platform by shrinking deployment and provisioning time by over 50% and finally reduced total overall cost and reliance on specialized resources.

MAS Business Use Case: Retail

The retailer’s database previously running on Oracle Engineered Systems required seamless migration and increased utilization of available compute resources. MAS with IBM Power Systems™ hardware provided a solution for efficient migration, rapid deployment, provisioning, task automation and ongoing maintenance. MAS running on the IBM hardware provided the building blocks and backbone to increase hardware utilization. The level of automation and empowerment provided by MAS to the customers DBAs allowed for immediate productivity increases, as well as cost reduction and resource reallocation of FTEs to innovate and accomplish strategic business objectives

The introduction of MAS enabled efficient migration of Oracle Database from current Oracle Engineered System to rapidly deploy, provision and maintain the company’s Oracle Database. MAS reduced total cost of ownership by 25% through the reduction of software requirements, maximization of human resource capabilities and improved utilization of available processor resources. Single-vendor reliance was eliminated, and lastly, the organization was able to achieve seamless migration and increased time-to-value.

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