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Who is Vendita

Vendita was founded in 2008 by Doug Sullinger, a 20-year IT industry veteran who has worked across a number of verticals and worked closely with tech giants such as IBM and Oracle. After cutting his teeth working with some of the industry’s biggest names, Sullinger, the son of a World War II vet and entrepreneur, decided to follow in his father’s footsteps and go into business for himself.

The business started off modestly, Sullinger closing a few deals a year, alone, but business eventually boomed and Vendita snowballed and grew into what it is today. Today Vendita is a multifaceted organization including multiple divisions such as marketing, development, HR, sales, management, payroll and more, but more on that later. Vendita grew from one man in a home office into a true corporation. 

Our roots are in software asset management, specifically Oracle compliance and license management. Over the better part of a decade, we have been helping public and private organizations large and small around the globe with their licensing and compliance issues resulting in hundreds of millions of dollars in savings. We are an Oracle partner and an official IBM reseller. We have been recognized as Oracle Partner of the Year in back to back years. 

Through our deep working relationship with so many organizations and individuals over the years, we noticed repetitive patterns of the same problems in the tech world. Vendita had a unique opportunity to make an impact that would reduce pain points and increase the productivity of DBAs and organizations as a whole.
In 2018 we decided upon a new direction for our business. While we would still maintain our legacy business that had been the foundation of our company for a decade, we were embarking on a journey of development – developing our own proprietary software, MAS (Master Automation Solution).

MAS streamlines database processes, improves monitoring, and adds automation capabilities as well as compliance tools to help organizations save time and money, close knowledge gaps, empower staff and increase overall productivity across the board. 

Our three core values are honesty, hard work, and loyalty. With every engagement internally and externally, we always aim to add value. We are all working toward the same common goal, to see Vendita grow and excel into the top database automation solution provider in the world. Everyone plays a unique role in that success. It goes beyond working towards personal goals, what we have is a culture with real meaningful inter-personal connections. This breeds a laid back and collaborative environment that allows us to drive excellence. 

As we said, we grew from one man in a home office to a full-fledged corporation with multiple divisions… and we’re still growing. We’ve seen exponential year over year growth nearly every year since our founding and it shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon. We’re always looking to bring on new staff and adopt new technologies as well as engage with the community to stay on the cutting edge of our field. 

It is for this reason as that we are so much more than a tech company, we are a force in the Tampa Bay community. We are a sponsor of the PGA’s Valspar Championship every year which has resulted in millions of dollars donated to charity. We have a good working relationship with the “Tampa Bay Business Journal” and are a member of Tampa Bay Tech. We aim to grow our community engagement, philanthropy, and footprint on the Tampa Bay Area and beyond in the coming years.

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