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What Causes Oracle Compliance Issues

Let’s face it if you’re an Oracle customer, you’ve heard about Oracle License Management Services (LMS), and you know they come in and perform Oracle software license compliance audits. If you have not been audited yet, rest assured they have you on the list. While often unintentional, unauthorized use of Oracle software licenses and upgrades may remedy issues in the short-term but result in additional costs that your organization did not plan for.

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How Oracle License Compliance Works

  • Oracle does not provide license keys and allows for unlimited downloads and feature upgrades that require the purchase of additional licenses.
  • Unauthorized use of Oracle software licenses is a breach of contract and intellectual property and can result in an audit or a potential lawsuit against your organization if not resolved.
  • Non-compliance is often due to a lack of knowledge about license terms and agreements or monitoring.
  • It is the responsibility of the user (and their reseller partner) to ensure that using Oracle software in accordance with their licensing agreements.
“Vendita has worked with my group for the past year to build out a compliance function within their product. With MAS 4.0, they have the ability to measure, scan, and index Oracle usage. It’s an area that we’re really trying to push our customers to – taking the variables and assumptions out of licensing."
— Kyle Leonard, Sr. Director, Oracle Global Partner Services

Avoid Unnecessary Oracle Software Fees

Being found in violation of Oracle licensing agreements can be expensive — in some cases, millions of dollars — and the repercussions can extend beyond financial responsibility. If your organization violates Oracle license user agreements, you may be subject to the following:

  • Having to pay full list price for additional software licenses required to resolve the license violation
  • Payment of any technical support fees for the period of unlicensed use of the software, which typically costs around 22% per year in back support
  • Suspension of technical support service and access to software updates

60% of Oracle Clients Are Out of Compliance

An audit can result in hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars in fines. Download our sales lit to learn how Vendita can help detect and resolve Oracle compliance issues.

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How We Can Help With Oracle Audits

Whether you want to monitor your Oracle software license compliance to prevent an audit or need help resolving an existing audit, Vendita can help avoid costly penalties and fees. MAS enables you to scan your environment and accurately detect any Oracle license issues before Oracle reps contact you to perform an audit. Our team of experts can help you quickly, accurately, and affordably self-audit your business.

Oracle Partners

  • Vendita: An Oracle partner. We use Oracle license scripts to scan your entire database environment, detect issues, and display information on all of your Oracle licenses.
  • Our proprietary tool produces audit results that are trustworthy, accurate, and will be accepted by the Oracle License Management Services (LMS) group.
  • Leverage our Oracle experience. Our team has an in-depth understanding of Oracle policies, contract terms, and licensing agreements and can work on your behalf to negotiate client-friendly pricing, contract conditions, and terms.

Complete Detection and Resolution

  • Our team has decades of experience working with Oracle and a proven methodology and process for detecting and resolving Oracle license issues.
  • Easily view what’s running and what isn’t through a single intuitive interface.
  • As an Oracle partner, we can not only help you identify compliance issues but also assist in the procurement of software licenses and support services to resolve any compliance issues.

More Than Just Compliance

  • Ready to reduce your Oracle costs? Our team helps IT executives by offering a unique blend of consulting services, including contract negotiation, licensing resolution, and technical expertise.
  • Our solutions extend beyond compliance. The MAS platform can also help your organization increase productivity and efficiency through database automation, monitoring, and cloud rationalization tools.
“How do we tackle this big problem of Oracle complexity? Software or enterprise licensing is complex, and it does take a village to help figure out. So we work with Vendita, who we’ve known for over ten years, to position our customers so that they’re confident that they’re licensing actual usage."

— Kyle Leonard, Sr. Director, Oracle Global Partner Services

About MAS

Our tool provides push-button execution and scheduling of scans detailing your entire database environment and graphically displays information on all your Oracle Licenses. Easily view what’s running and what isn’t through a single intuitive interface. Leverage MAS to easily and accurately determine if you are in compliance with Oracle licensing agreements.

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