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What is MAS?


MAS is software built by DBAs, for DBAs. It is our proprietary automation software that allows you to monitor and explore databases, address database health and keep your DBAs more informed than ever before. This results in reduced time and costs associated with the management and organization of multiple database platforms, while also increasing security and functionality.

MAS allows you to operate your IT environment under a single pane of glass. This singular dashboard helps streamline management, ease integration of new technology and boost overall DBA productivity.

Solution Overview

Today's IT environments see organizations using multiple database and hardware platforms. Whether on-premises, cloud or a hybrid environment, the databases of a business can have a lot of moving parts. MAS is the only database solution that offers support for multiple database systems. MAS is compatible with Oracle, MySQL, SQL Server, Maria, PostGres, Azure, Amazon AWS and more.

In MAS’s highly intuitive, easy to navigate user interface, you can migrate data from on prem to the cloud and back again on a number of servers including Microsoft SQL Server and Azure. Perform Oracle compliance audits that are certified using actual Oracle audit scripts, explore your databases and see how they’re functioning, grant permissions with the query wallet function and even back up and organize multiple databases all at once.

You have a goal of achieving optimal system performance, security, control and ease of technology adoption across all platforms. However, you face numerous roadblocks and challenges along the way, such as knowledge gaps, time-consuming manual processes, task management and tool switching to address things like monitoring, backups and tuning. Addressing these challenges sometimes pulls you away from collaborating on and contributing to higher-value projects that take your organization where you want it to go.

MAS is the solution. With MAS' single-pane-of-glass approach, your team can accomplish all enterprise database and system management tasks – no matter the platform - from an intuitive, push button dashboard solution, increase tool efficiency by 85% and grow productivity and resource utilization in IT by up to 40 percent.

Resource Extensibility

Any organization is only as good as their staff, this being the case, your IT talent is the most important element of your IT environment. If you have a great staff then you’re headed in the right direction, however you still need to provide them with the means to be successful and help them do their best work.

Utilizing MAS allows your people to expand their current capabilities by instantly extending their knowledge to different platforms and allowing for more agile adoption of new technology.

By installing MAS you’re giving your staff a boost that will take them to the next level. They’ll immediately be capable of being able to work on more platforms with minimal need for extra training or knowledge. You no longer need to hire highly specialized resources, and you can make the most of the talent and dedicated individuals within your organization.

Tool Consolidation

In today’s marketplace there are so many tools available to organizations - large and small - that they become overwhelming. Tools for deployment, provisioning, and management, multiplying for each platform your organization supports. You name it and there’s a point solution for it. Additionally, you may see a point solution come out only to be replaced in a matter of months that performs at a higher level and sees you spending even more money to then acquire it.

For that reason, tool consolidation is on the forefront of technology trends, and organizations need a solution that supports multiple platforms and functions appropriately. MAS embraces platform-specific tasks and embodies the term “single pane of glass” for your team to manage multiple platforms, such as Oracle, MS SQL Server, MySQL, Postgres, AWS and more. MAS will be the only tool you need in your toolbox. 

Automation Enhanced

The future is one of machine learning, tenser flow and increased automation. This new environment defined by automation will see DBAs working more with projects and spending time in far more productive ways than ever before.

How can you get on board with this latest wave of technological advancements? By adding MAS to your environment. MAS’ automation features are smartly designed to be simple, yet functional and intuitive.

For example, MAS makes use of a query wallet to store, organize, access and share scripts and queries for any and every database platform you currently use or are moving to in a single, secure library. It makes use of an intuitive dashboard which enables DBAs to schedule and execute tasks, design a dashboard for all your most-used management tools and build process flows and reusable forms. MAS supports Oracle, MySQL, Microsoft SQL, Postgres, MariaDB, Amazon AWS, Azure and Oracle Engineered Systems with a single technology as well as letting you migrate database objects and data between on-prem and cloud databases.

Finally, it helps with Oracle compliance by running actual Oracle audit scripts to give you detailed views of what’s running in your environment that you can actually complete in house. Best of all, with parallel execution you save time and effort with the ability to schedule and execute processes on multiple systems at the same time with the single click of a button.

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