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CIO’s, IT Managers, DBAs and Asset Managers are faced with more challenges and resource constraints than at any other time over the past ten years. A tough economic environment where revenues are unpredictable or down from previous years is leading to IT budget reductions.

At the same time, companies are leveraging technology to drive a new level of productivity with customers, partners and employees. Today, IT departments don’t have the luxury of additional headcount and, more importantly, have less budget to implement new projects and maintain legacy IT systems. Providing your organization with the tools to actively monitor, secure and maintain your database environment has never been more critical.

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What is MAS?

MAS is a proprietary database automation software that allows you to increase productivity, reduce costs and achieve standardization across all popular databases in on-premises, cloud and hybrid environments. This allows you to manage your IT environment under a single intuitive interface simplifying your database management needs and maximizing the value of your business processes, servers and IT workforce.

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Solutions - How MAS Can Help Your Business


Oracle compliance can be a difficult and confusing process that can result in organizations incurring additional licensing costs. As a result, Oracle customers can become noncompliant without even realizing it, due to end-user behavior or a misinterpretation of their contractual allowance. MAS enables organizations to self-audit thus giving them a better understanding of what is licensed in their Oracle environment and what is not.


MAS allows users to perform backup duties on multiple database platforms through one single intuitive interface. No matter if you are doing Import/Export, Dump/Import, or custom RMAN processes, it can all be scheduled within MAS.


Monitor multiple databases simultaneously with views for tables, objects and storage. Easily view trends and anomalies in business and data behavior. Automate email notifications (for single users or groups) for when a process starts, finishes, or fails.

Database Performance

MAS allows DBAs to monitor CPU usage and I/O levels, showing possible points of failure in production support. Easily view active sessions to locate top SQL statements, allowing the user to remediate inefficient code or kill the session.

Cloud Migration

Migrate data and database objects from on-prem to Microsoft Azure and back again. Within AWS, Azure and Oracle OCI manage databases through direct connections and encrypted passwords.

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Single Intuitive Interface

View multiple databases through a single, intuitive user interface.

Database Agnostic

Supports Oracle, MySQL, Maria DB, Postgres and Microsoft SQL Server.


Passwords and key secured with AES-256 encryption.

How MAS Can Help Your Workforce

Chief Information Officer (CIO)

  • Lower IT costs and reallocate resources to more productive initiatives.
  • Automate and monitor compliance to avoid unexpected software licensing fees.
  • Provides a high-level view of what’s going on in the organization’s databases.

IT Director

  • Transform IT environments into standardized, automated engines that make digital transformation and new technology adoption possible.
  • Establish company standards for how hardware and software are managed.
  • Have the ability to scale existing systems or adopt new technology to meet demand.

Database Administrator

  • Leverage automation to reduce the amount of time spent on manual tasks.
  • Need tools to manage, monitor and backup multiple databases through a single, intuitive interface to improve productivity.
  • Provides script tracking for re-usability to help with workload balancing.
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