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Knowledge is power.

Being able to self-audit your Oracle portfolio on your own schedule is the best way to stay on top of any compliance issues. Whether they stem from poor documentation of virtual environments, impromptu hardware refreshes, a lapse in project tracking where new software was installed, simple human error, or other miscellaneous issues, the last thing that your company needs are costly slowdowns and fines.

Being proactive when dealing with issues of non-compliance allows you to make changes to architecture, workloads, or project distribution.  All of these are preferable solutions to having Oracle perform an audit and “hoping for the best.”

The compliance piece of MAS provides you with a snapshot of everything that is currently running within your environment. However, even more, valuable than the ability to see what’s in your environment at the present time is the ability to get a historical record of everything that has ever run within it and compare it to present day. MAS gives you that ability. The logging ability within the MAS compliance piece enables you to easily see changes within your environment and make sure that you are in compliance, and if not, make the necessary changes to get there.

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The MAS user dashboard gives in depth information showing what’s running across your databases

MAS Oracle Auditing allows for:

• Server by server analysis of hardware and software
• Differentiates environments running Enterprise Edition vs Standard Edition
• Core counts associated with the overall Oracle architecture
• Detailed analysis of Enterprise Edition options in use (Diagnostics, Tuning, etc.)

• Analysis of the underlying VCenter architecture for license exposure 

Software Asset Management

Everyone in tech knows the name Oracle. They provide a wide array of powerful tools that are used the world around in a number of industries. While these tools are highly desirable, Oracle is also synonymous with complicated license structures that can result in fines for seemingly insignificant transgressions.

The technology that Oracle supplies is simply a necessity for some businesses despite the hefty licensing fees. This catch 22 is a reality for too many businesses, however, it doesn’t have to be this way.

Here at Vendita, we’ve been specializing in Oracle license management for over a decade. The main goal of the Vendita Software Asset Management team is to maximize your Oracle investment while reducing your year to year support costs.

With everything going on in your organization do you really have the time to devote to navigating the online validation/verification platform? Does creating the support profile that best maintains or reduces your current costs sound like a quick and easy task?

If you answered no to any of the above questions, don’t worry, because the Vendita SAM team will be your guide. Our team doesn’t just guide you through the initial purchase of your Oracle software, we go above and beyond. We help you to identify cost savings within your contracts and reduce the size of your ongoing support payments.

The Oracle experts at Vendita:

  • Simplify and customize your renewal process.
  • Evaluate your current license compliance standings.
  • Ensure that you are fully compliant with every aspect of your Oracle environment.
  • Assess your requirements, growth and user potential to find areas where we can reduce support and spend
  • Act as your advocate working with Oracle directly to resolve discrepancies and negotiate beneficial terms and pricing.
  • Identify opportunities to update licenses, migrate to new products, improve efficiency and performance, or otherwise extend support in ways that make sense for you


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