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Why Move to the Cloud?

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The cloud is one of the most talked-about technological innovations of the past decade, however, have you ever actually heard it defined? Moreover, has anyone ever laid out why it is so beneficial? We aim to answer those exact questions.

What is the Cloud?

Let's start with the simplest question, what is it? The cloud refers to a server network that can be anywhere in the world and is accessed via the internet.

It's no different from the servers you've had databases and software connected to in the past except for the fact that you are not able to physically access them. You don't walk down a hall to a server room with the cloud, as the name suggests, it's floating and omnipresent to a degree.

Should I Join Cloud?

The million-dollar question, what are the advantages and why should I join the movement? There are a number of benefits:

  • Accessibility: Because you access the cloud through the internet, it makes it extremely flexible and enables staff to connect and work together anytime, anywhere.
  • Fail-safe capabilities: Even if you still have servers on-prem, the cloud can still work for you as a fail-safe; the ultimate back up. If anything were to happen to your office space, you would still have all of your organization's data backed up on the cloud.
  • Scalability: Through automatic software updates and the ability to integrate new functionality and tech a-la-cart style, your organization can easily scale up or down based on need.
  • Financially responsible: As previously mentioned, automatic software updates and adding functionality as needed means that you spend less money on upgrades. Additionally, using the cloud precludes the need for buying expensive hardware.

Purveyors of the Cloud

How can you transition your organization into this new era of storage and computing? There are several great providers of this tech that we at Vendita are proud to work with including:

Moving forward with Vendita

We hope that this information is of use to your organization if you're considering a change in your server and database environments.

If you are already working with your database environments either on-prem, hybrid or fully in the cloud, we can help. Our proprietary software, MAS integrates within your database and automates processes like backups and compliance.


If you want to know more, drop us a line!

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