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What is Database Management?


There's a saying, that a cluttered desk is a sign of a cluttered mind. If that's the case then what does that say about a disorganized database?

As we've mentioned before, data and information are the lifeblood of business today. Keeping up with your database security and processes is imperative, however managing and organizing your database to run efficiently is nearly just as important.

Database management is just that; management. That is the steps and processes an organization takes to ensure that the databases in their environments run smoothly and in a sensible and organized fashion.

It should ultimately:

  • Make data sharing and integration easier
  • Increase overall efficiency
  • Better protect your data

Database Management Best Practices

  • Understand your goals: Having a road map where you clearly define your management goals and objectives are essential to a successful database management strategy
  • Secure, secure, secure: Recall our previous blog post about database security and why it's so important. With this in mind, aim to protect the information of your clients and organization as a whole
  • Now stay with us: We did just tell you to make securing your database a priority, however, temper this with smart, easy to use interfaces that won't hamper employee functionality.
  • Clean it up!: We're not saying eliminate backups, but it is important to eliminate unnecessary or old copies of items. Redundancies within your database can bog things down.
  • Back it up!: Like we said before, taking steps to make sure that your database is organized and cleaned up is very important That being said, not backing up vital information whether it be scripts or documents can be disastrous.

How MAS can help you

We developed our software, MAS, for DBAs to specifically make database management and automation processes easier.

To learn more about MAS, click here to get the conversation going!

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