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Three Signs You Need Oracle Audit Help

Statistics show that 60% of Oracle clients are out of compliance, and it only takes one Oracle audit to result in hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars in fines. Unfortunately, these software audits don't happen at random. Oracle has access to insights to tell whether an audit will be a worthwhile investment on their end. It's worth your time and budget to invest in support for Oracle auditing. Here are three key signs your business may need Oracle audit help.

Your Bank Statement Took a Hit

If you've been on the unfortunate end of an Oracle audit, it could have cost your business a pretty penny. These extensive fines result from Oracle users not being compliant with their licensing and legal agreements; they aren't aware whether the licensing user agreements comply with Oracle. If you aren't in compliance, you could face hefty fines that are a massive hit to your bottom line. Your company could be responsible for paying:

  • The full list price for additional software licenses required to resolve the license violation
  • Technical support fees for the period of unlicensed use of the software, which typically costs around 22% per year in back support

If this is a struggle for your company, you may want to consider getting help to mitigate future Oracle audits. Having innovative and intuitive software to scan databases, review licensing scripts, and view the history of installations and one-time licensing fees is essential. You can reduce overworked staff and receive additional support using technology software to take on manual work to save your employee’s time.

Your Strategy is Reactive Instead of Proactive

The goal isn't to react every time your business is audited. Instead, your strategy should plan to reduce the number of Oracle audits you receive ahead of time. When you're proactive about your organization's compliance, you'll have fewer negative auditing experiences in the future, addressing the challenges before they negatively affect your budget. 

By proactively monitoring your software usage, you can optimize the software licenses you currently have and mitigate unexpected expenses from licenses you are using but have not purchased. Another way to develop a proactive strategy is to implement software investments for your organization. Investing in technology that accurately detects any Oracle license issues before Oracle reps contact you to perform an audit is the best way to remain proactive in the auditing process.

You Don't Have Sufficient Support

Your IT workforce has to manage many moving parts to remain successful. CIO's, IT Managers, DBAs, and Asset Managers face challenges and resource constraints, making time and energy commitments difficult. Aside from this, budget cuts are standard in a unique economic environment where revenues are unpredictable.

IT departments don't have the luxury of an extensive staff to carry the weight when it comes time for an Oracle audit. It becomes even more difficult and stressful during financial uncertainty for companies and their teams when there are few employees. It's critical to provide your organization with the proper tools and expert industry knowledge on auditing so you can navigate the process seamlessly without overpaying on fines. IT executives should use technology to their advantage to help their teams work more efficiently and make auditing simple and easy.

Get Oracle Audit Help from Vendita

Vendita is 1 of 13 worldwide verified third-party tool vendors and an Oracle Platinum Partner with the ability to sell licenses and resolve issues without the substantial price tag. We use Oracle license scripts to scan your entire database environment, detect problems, and display information on all authorizations.

Our tool, Master Automation Solution (MAS), is certified and verified by Oracle, providing insight into database management, administration, and compliance. Vendita's expert team has years of experience with the auditing process and can negotiate contracts, software usage, and Oracle costs with client-friendly pricing and terms. Contact one of our expert team members to learn more about your business's compliance requirements to support your business during a future Oracle audit.

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