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Oracle Exadata: A Brief Introduction

Oracle Exadata came out back in 2008 and has since evolved and updated throughout the years to provide a fast and efficient database machine for enterprise use.

Oracle Exadata, the World's Fastest Database Machine with
Oracle Exadata Machine

Essentially Oracle Exadata provides you one platform with which to run a wide array of Oracle databases. This is partly because it removes the need for a significant investment of engineer hours for provisioning database servers. They no longer need to spend time setting up different hosting options or putting together the different individual pieces needed to create runtime environment solutions. ​

Not only that, but because it is made by Oracle, it integrates and works well with other Oracle products. For example, Oracle offers Infiniband which can speed up packet transfer to applications running on Exalogic (the application server equivalent of Exadata).  This allows enterprises to increase the performance of their Oracle-based applications.

It is a great piece of technology for running Oracle databases. However, what about compliance? How will you organize your databases and manage their overall health? That is where Vendita can help.

Our proprietary software, MAS 4.0 handles Oracle Compliance and automates database maintenance tasks helping your DBAs to better manage your environment.

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