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Oracle Audit Preparation Checklist

If you're an Oracle customer, you're aware that Oracle License Management Services (LMS) drop in and perform Oracle software license compliance audits. If out of compliance, which 60% of Oracle clients are, it could cost you an arm and a leg. Luckily, you have 45 days to prepare for an Oracle audit after the initial notification from LMS. Whether you're out of compliance knowingly or not, now is your chance to confirm that you are. Being prepared not only gives you a chance to make sure you're compliant, but it also allows you to prepare for the work an audit entails to minimize anxiety and frustration. But first, a glance at the audit process as a whole:

The Audit Process

Oracle conducts audits to ensure that a customer's Oracle products' usage matches their Oracle software license rights. If the company learns the customer is non-compliant, Oracle will take action to correct that. Although Oracle audits follow a step-by-step roadmap—the process may vary for your organization based on different factors.

Step 1: LMS sends the audit notification letter. The audit letter includes the Oracle License Consultant's product scope, who will manage the interactions between companies.

Step 2: The customer completes the Oracle server worksheet. You will share what Oracle products you will deploy and any of your servers' deployment specifications for those specific products. 

Step 3: Customer performs Discovery and Measurement. Discovery is the tool used to locate all your servers where Oracle is installed and verify their listing on the Oracle server worksheet. Measurement is the tool used to confirm what features are in use from your Oracle products. 

Step 4: The customer verifies the collected inventory from LMS. An Oracle consultant will ensure you relinquished your software license and stock to review for compliance issues.

Step 5: LMS reconciles inventory usage and delivers the final report. There will be a notice with all the information you need to move forward related to resolving the auditing process's compliance issues.

Step 6: Customer resolves compliance issues with Oracle Sales. You'll receive 30 days to fix the problems outlined in the report. There may be additional Oracle software purchases, or another upsell may occur.

Step 7: LMS issues the close letter. Once a resolution agreement is in place with Oracle Sales, you will receive the close letter to complete the audit process.

How to Prepare

The Oracle audit process doesn't need to be difficult with the right preparation. The following checklist will help you properly prepare for an Oracle audit to make it easier for everyone involved.

  1. Prepare your resources: Make sure you have the resources you need to support an audit.
  2. Know your contract: If not already, familiarize yourself with your agreement so that you're aware of what licenses you own and how they are implemented, as well as any noteworthy restrictions.
  3. Know your deployments: An IT manager or system administrator should know the Oracle products' deployment and their location within your IT infrastructure.
  4. Understand your environment: What are the recent activities that may have caused the Oracle audit? Whether you have recently had a hardware refresh or you recently had an acquisition—there are triggers to audits based on your work environment [link newest E-Book on Oracle audits]
  5. Define a SAM process: Software Asset Management is a process that you can use to ensure your business is compliant with your software's licensing terms and legal agreements. SAM uses tools to help you to better understand your license usage so that you can reallocate or acquire more licenses as needed.
  6. Set testing and controls: This is a crucial step to ensure that your deployments and licensing updates are compliant with Oracle's original statements. 

Vendita is Your Oracle Auditing Expert

Our expert team understands what needs to happen to ensure you are Oracle compliant. Vendita is one of 13 worldwide verified third-party tool vendors and an Oracle Platinum Partner with the ability to sell licenses and resolve issues without the substantial price tag. We use Oracle license scripts to scan your entire database environment, detect problems, and display information on all authorizations.

Our Master Automation Solution, MAS, is a proprietary compliance tool verified and approved by Oracle. One of its many capabilities is that it allows for self-auditing, giving you peace of mind when the next Oracle audit notification letter arrives. The MAS scans have been verified by Oracle Global License and Advisory Services (GLAS) group. In the event of an Oracle License Management Services (LMS) audit, Oracle LMS will accept data from the MAS tool as an alternative to installing Oracle LMS measurement tools.

With decades of experience, Vendita’s SAM team will also help you proficiently negotiate contracts and software usages to reduce costs with client-friendly pricing and terms. To learn more about your business's compliance requirements, and how Vendita can help you prepare for your next Oracle audit, contact one of our experts today.

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