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MAS 4.0 available on OCI Marketplace

MAS in OCI Marketplace

Our game changing software, MAS, is now available in the OCI Marketplace.

Not only that, but it can be purchased with a variety of methods including Oracle Universal Cloud Credits

About MAS

Our MAS 4.0 software (Master Automation Solution) provides DBAs with a number of features that save time and streamline processes.

For example, MAS has the ability to update and back up multiple databases simultaneously, automate maintenance processes, implement security protocols, create script and query repositories, navigate Oracle licensing and more.

Just how much of a game-changer is MAS?

A study by the Gartner Research Group found that when MAS is implemented in environments, DBAs saw an increase in productivity by 40 percent.

MAS 4.0 continues and improves the game-changing solutions brought by previous versions to improve the work lives of DBAs everywhere.

MAS on the OCI Marketplace

Because we have partnered with Oracle we’ve made accessing this amazing software super easy! Now if you have access to the Oracle Marketplace you can get it there by simply using Cloud Credits!

One of our core goals as an organization is to make the usage and adoption of technology easier.

Therefore working with Oracle to not only get this software on the OCI Marketplace but enabling users to acquire it using Universal Cloud Credits was a no brainer for us.

In Conclusion

Want to know more or have interest in scheduling a demo? Let’s get the conversation going, drop us a line here!

To access MAS on the Oracle OCI Marketplace, click here.

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