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Machine Learning and the Future of Tech

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Machine learning, sometimes referred to as artificial intelligence or "AI", has been something that has been talked about for decades and now is finally coming to life. While even just a few decades ago this term conjured images of "the rise of the machines", today, the birth of this tech will change how companies do business for the better and forever.

What is Machine Learning?

Machine learning is just that, machines - in this case computers that automatically improve processes without being explicitly programmed by a human to do so. The machine quite literally learns information and makes adjustments based on that synthesized information.


How does Machine Learning Work?

TensorFlow is one way that machine learning functions. TensorFlow is an open-source library for programming languages that make things like neural networks function. Neural networks are responsible for enabling AI to learn and function. This is the root of predictive modeling and problem-solving.

Today, PyTorch, another open-source machine learning library has become popular and supplanted TensorFlow. Facebook's AI research lab primarily developed it.

Additionally, the Python programming language has become the third most popular programming language behind C and Java. Python recently overtook C++. For a complete and more in-depth look, view this article from TechRepublic.

Python has many applications within the AI and machine learning space and has helped developers to make great strides in the IoT space.

MAS and AI Integration

When we designed our software, MAS, we always kept our product roadmap in mind. Our next step is adding AI capabilities to the tool.

With these capabilities, MAS will be able to recognize patterns that lead to certain database events such as latency issues that may correspond to certain times or actions. Our mission from the beginning has been the same, to make the lives of DBAs better.

MAS helps you manage the databases that manage your data. For more information or to request a demo, contact us here.

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