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Key Features and Benefits of MAS, our Proprietary Automation Software


Our proprietary software, MAS, offers a variety of intuitive tools that allow for easy adoption of new technology, increased security, streamlining of maintenance and organizational processes and increasing productivity of database administrators. It’s a software built by DBAs, for DBAs.

Automation Software and Connectivity

In today's data-driven world there are tons of single-point solutions that solve problems that inevitably occur in tech. However, a unique tool for each system simply isn't cost-effective or practical.

MAS is the only database management solution that offers support for multiple database systems. MAS is compatible with Oracle, MySQL, SQL Server, Maria, PostGres, Azure, Amazon AWS and more.

With MAS you can migrate data from on-prem to the cloud and back again on a number of servers including Microsoft SQL Server and Azure.

System overview of vendita application
The MAS user dashboard gives in-depth information showing what’s running across your databases

Streamline your Workload with MAS

This is the crux of what MAS offers. As we said, MAS was designed by DBAs, for DBAs, it's a software built to make the work-life of DBAs better and more efficient.

Under one “single pane of glass”, a DBA can manage multiple databases at once and with the single push of a button, perform organizational and maintenance tasks that without MAS they would’ve had to do manually, thus saving time and resources.

Automation isn't the only time-saving feature of MAS, with parallel execution a DBA can perform these actions across multiply databases simultaneously.

Secure your Automation Software

Credentialing is a key part of any security protocol in organizations across the board. From tech to healthcare, public and private sector and beyond, ensuring that only those who can access private information is imperative.

MAS features smart security measures like the query/script wallet that lets you grant specific permissions that protect your company’s important information. These permissions can be changed as needed by administrators to expedite processes and ensure the security of your data.

Oracle - a MAS Partner

Oracle provides several great tools for data collection and processing. The business world runs on information, so collecting, processing and organizing data quickly and accurately is a large part of the success of large and small organizations alike.

However, all too often organizations unwittingly find themselves on the wrong side of Oracle compliance due to human error. This can lead to roadblocks that decrease productivity, as well as costly fines.

Oracle integration has been built into MAS with a specific focus on compliance. By performing audits with actual Oracle certified scripts, MAS will help you to better understand Oracle compliance and help you to better monitor what you’re running in your environment so that you can better abide by Oracle licensing and product agreements thus avoiding costly slowdowns.

Other MAS Features

  • Agentless Installation - Can be installed with an easy download
  • Strong Monitoring Tools – Easily and clearly identify issues in your systems and databases allowing DBAs to be more informed
  • SQL Server integration to match Oracle functionality

MAS in Action

MAS is a great tool that brings game-changing functionality and allows for easy adoption of new tech. Curious? Have questions?

Interested in learning more about MAS and how we at Vendita can help? Contact us here to get the conversation going.

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