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Database Security Best Practices

database security

Information is the lifeblood of business, as such, you must ensure that it is protected, no matter what industry your business exists in.

Because of this, implementing database security best practices goes a long way to ensuring your valuable information, as well as that of your clients, is safe. How? Let us explain.

How to Ensure Database Security

There are numerous ways to protect your databases. Here's our list of the essentials:

*Note: The following listing is in no particular order.

  • Physical Security: In today's digital world, people often overlook the obvious. For example, measures like biometric or digital locking mechanisms and security cameras to prevent individuals from physically tampering with the database or server.
  • Firewalls: An old standby, make sure that your database server is safely located behind a firewall and that it defaults to denying all traffic. McAfee and Norton, for example, offer both private and enterprise solutions.
  • Software Monitoring: Make sure that the vendor providing your software is using the most up to date. Because if you're not using the most updated software it can leave you vulnerable possible data breaches
  • Credentialling: This may be the most obvious step, encrypt and password-protect all sensitive information
  • Patching: Update your patches! A database without updated patches leaves holes where potential bad actors can access your database.
  • Test, test, test: Perhaps most importantly, run tests and audits against your own security measures to see the efficacy of your protective measures. Unfortunately, unless you test you won't know the effectiveness of your measures until it's too late.
Making sure that your organization implements database security best practices is imperative to long-term business success

What is all boils down to:

Database security is an ongoing battle. Every day, hackers in all corners of the world keep innovating and unfortunately, they're not the only threat. Sadly, even people close to you, like members of your own organization can become possible threats for instance.

As a result, staying up to date on best practices and ensuring that all your bases are covered is central not only to just protecting data, but also ensuring the survival of your organization.

Now stay with us, at Vendita, database administration is our first language. That being the case, security plays a big role in this.

For example, our proprietary software MAS can help with database automation, even credentialing which will help to protect your databases.

To learn more about MAS, and how we at Vendita can help you, click here!

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