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Basics of Database Audits

Performing database audits is an important step to ensuring that your environment is being properly managed, organized and compliant. We’re going to discuss types of auditing as well as what your organization should be auditing.

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Do you know what’s running in your database? What about who has credentials to what? Auditing can answer all these questions and more. 

Audit Types:

  • Credential/Security Audits: Ensuring that you have solid security protocols in place is important to protecting valuable data. Auditing credentials is also important because it sheds light on who in the organization has certain permissions and access to areas which may need to be adjusted. 

**We have more information about security audits, specifically database security best practices available here. 

  • Data Audits: In writing, they say two eyes are better than one when it comes to data the same applies. By auditing your data you can uncover corrupted files, redundancies, inaccuracies, or any other discrepancies that could undermine your organization. 
  • Software Audits: Knowing what software is running in your environment and what you actually have licensed helps you to stay in compliance and avoid costly financial penalties.  
  • Overall Database Health Audits: This is an overall big picture look that examines how your databases are running. Are your servers overclocked? How are things running performance and speed-wise?

How to Audit:

Some audits are internal while others are outside companies or regulatory agencies reviewing your information. 

Vendita has an audit solution you’ll love; our proprietary software, MAS (Master Automation Solution). 

MAS automates database management processes and gives you the ability to self-audit. If you’re running an Oracle database you’ll be able to maintain compliance by seeing all licenses as well as what you’re running in your environment. 

MAS also gives you a look at overall database health across multiple databases simultaneously.  

Finally, MAS handles security and credentialing allowing you to grant and limit permissions of staff across databases. 

Learn More:  

If MAS sounds like a tool that could benefit your organization and you would like to learn more, let’s get the conversation going! Drop us a line here! 

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