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Developers- What do they do?

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Developers work closely with DBAs to help maintain databases and ensure that things are running efficiently and functioning properly. They also help to create tech solutions for companies ranging from helping to create software to optimizing functionalities of databases. 

Here’s a look into the daily life of another very demanding yet essential IT position:

Morning - First thing:

  1. Evaluate work for the day from bug lists, project lists, etc., prioritize tasks
  2. Development-related meetings

Mid-late morning:

  1. Actual development work after all the meetings and admin requirements
  2. Reach out to other developers for help on difficult issues
  3. Reach out to DBAs for help on database issues
  4. Contact network admins for help on networking issues

Early afternoon:

  1.  Issues resolved, finish coding and unit testing for the day's tasks

Late afternoon:

  1.  Get code updates in source control

Similarly to DBAs, without developers, IT would grind to a halt and nothing would get done or created and your databases likely wouldn't function as well as they could potentially. Whether you're Oracle or IBM, or a small company just starting out, a good team of developers is worth the investment! 

developers writing code
Developers run through code and help transform it from 1’s and 0’s to the finished product that companies and individuals use daily. 
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