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What does a systems architect do in a day?

Systems architect setup

A systems architect creates the overall layout of how technologies should be set up and integrated with one another. They also have a keen understanding of how a system or technology that is under development will exist within the major infrastructure elements that it will be integrated into. Similarly to how an architect constructing a building would lay out a blueprint for the build, systems architects lay the blueprints for how code should be produced and placed.

In today’s world of system architecture, nearly everything is based around Model View Controllers (MVCs). MVCs determine how almost all software is written. They create everything from your iPhone to the computer you’re reading this on right now! All systems architects must understand this. 

However, systems architects do much more than planning and providing a knowledge base, they're hands-on managers as well. A systems architect works with developers and depending on the stage of the project, also does the following:

  • Work on developing POC's,
  • QA
  • Giving updates to management
  • Strategizing and implementing workarounds for development issues
  • Sourcing resources (both staffing and tools).

Next time you look at your phone, think of everything that went into it and who helped put it all together. 

systems architect blueprint
A systems architect helps to ensure that everything gets built properly and is functioning as it should at every level. 

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