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The future is one of machine learning, tensor flow and increased automation. This new environment defined by automation will see DBAs working more with projects and spending time in far more productive ways than ever before.

How can you get on board with this latest wave of technological advancements? By adding MAS to your environment. MAS’ automation features are smartly designed to be simple, yet functional and intuitive.

For example, some of MAS’ automation capabilities include

  • A query wallet to store, organize, access and share scripts and queries for any and every database platform you currently use or are moving to in a single, secure library.
  • Intuitive dashboard which enables DBAs to schedule and execute tasks, design a dashboard for all your most-used management tools and build process flows and reusable forms.
  • Native logging for all databases (SQL Server, Oracle, etc.) to help audit and maintain industry compliance (no longer have to manually access each log manually)
  • Enhances production support for Oracle, MySQL, Microsoft SQL, Postgres, MariaDB, Amazon AWS, Azure and Oracle OCI with a single technology
  • Enables migration of database objects and data between on-prem and cloud databases.

Finally, it helps with Oracle compliance by enabling organizations to self-audit via running actual Oracle audit scripts. This includes hardware discovery, clarification of existing editions of Oracle (EE vs SE) and details of Enterprise Edition option packs. Best of all, with parallel execution, you save time and effort with the ability to schedule and execute processes on multiple systems at the same time with the single click of a button.

Every feature within MAS is designed to make the lives of DBAs easier and the overall process of monitoring and maintaining a database environment simpler, more streamlined and overall better from top to bottom.

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