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Backups with MAS

By Vendita / January 5, 2021

The job of a DBA is certainly not one that anyone would classify as stress-free or easy going. A DBA’s day is filled with 11th-hour requests, emergency fixes and meetings. In between all of this, there is also the task of performing backups. Backups must be scheduled to execute outside of normal business hours, at… Read More »

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Database Backups Basics

By Vendita / December 29, 2020

Types of Database Backups There are four main types of database backups that DBAs perform. Some are more common than others. Various factors such as data type, or even unique schemas within an environment can dictate the type of backups run. Normal/Full Database Backups When a normal or full backup runs on a selected drive,… Read More »

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Three Licensing Issues Your Business May Have

By Vendita / December 7, 2020

There is a lot for DBAs, CIOs, and IT professionals to know when it comes to licensing requirements. If your company has any of the three licensing issues described in this post, you may receive an Oracle audit sooner rather than later. This can be an unnecessary strain on your company’s budget. Here are three… Read More »

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OLTP vs OLAP: Do you know the difference?

By Vendita / December 1, 2020

OLTP (online transaction processing) VS OLAP (online analytical processing) are both types of production databases, however they have some key differences. In this blog you’ll learn how these two databases differ. OLTP OLTP provides an immediate record of current business activity. It is operational and used for the “here and now” – “real-time”. To put… Read More »

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Three Signs You Need Oracle Audit Help

By Vendita / October 22, 2020

Statistics show that 60% of Oracle clients are out of compliance, and it only takes one Oracle audit to result in hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars in fines. Unfortunately, these software audits don’t happen at random. Oracle has access to insights to tell whether an audit will be a worthwhile investment on… Read More »

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Oracle Exadata: A Brief Introduction

By Vendita / August 4, 2020

Oracle Exadata came out back in 2008 and has since evolved and updated throughout the years to provide a fast and efficient database machine for enterprise use. Essentially Oracle Exadata provides you one platform with which to run a wide array of Oracle databases. This is partly because it removes the need for a significant… Read More »

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A Day in the Life of a DBA

By Vendita / July 2, 2020

A DBA, or database administrator is a vital component of any IT company. Essentially DBAs are the ones responsible for all the important housekeeping items in relation to databases. DBAs are the ones who back up and perform routine maintenance on databases to ensure that things run smoothly and your data is healthy and safe…. Read More »

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Why Move to the Cloud?

By Vendita / June 25, 2020

The cloud is one of the most talked-about technological innovations of the past decade, however, have you ever actually heard it defined? Moreover, has anyone ever laid out why it is so beneficial? We aim to answer those exact questions. What is the Cloud? Let’s start with the simplest question, what is it? The cloud… Read More »

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Developers- What do they do?

By Vendita / June 10, 2020

Developers work closely with DBAs to help maintain databases and ensure that things are running efficiently and functioning properly. They also help to create tech solutions for companies ranging from helping to create software to optimizing functionalities of databases.  Here’s a look into the daily life of another very demanding yet essential IT position: Morning… Read More »

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What does a systems architect do in a day?

By Vendita / June 3, 2020

A systems architect creates the overall layout of how technologies should be set up and integrated with one another. They also have a keen understanding of how a system or technology that is under development will exist within the major infrastructure elements that it will be integrated into. Similarly to how an architect constructing a… Read More »

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